After a few months of internal debate, I finally brought my inbox at home and work to zero. It was a tough decision to break the mold and venture out into territory outside of normality. Over the last couple months since I made my original post, I made many attempts to try the new methods. The problem with my lack of commitment was that I found myself easily slipping back into the old methods. I soon learned I had to dive in head first or forget trying to change, so I did!

As of ten minutes ago I am on this journey, lets see where it takes me!

Lastly I wanted to share one person who has inspired me to make some of these changes is Michael Hyatt, he has a new book coming out. The link in this post will allow you to purchase the book during his promotional week which entitles you to $375.98 worth of free bonus content. The promotional week starts 5/21/2012.

Leave a comment, let me know a time in your life where you had to dive in!

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