Some may know I have been reading Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership,  I am currently on the Steak Sauce chapter.   In this chapter he discusses todo list’s and scheduling,  I admit a todo list is something I have not done diligently.   Reading the book inspired me to give keeping a todo list another try.   Doing this meant I needed an easy method to update and track my todo’s.  

My first thought was the old fashioned paper,   while I have to say this will work, it seemed a bit archaic. I mean after all we have smartphones, laptops, and tablets,  all of which have the capability of tracking information,  why should I choose paper?   For my first go this week Google Docs seemed to make the most sense. In my effort to not repeat work someone else had already done, I stumbled across this template.   I promptly imported the template to Google Docs and voila, instant todo list! Take a look here.

I am hoping, this quote holds true and all this effort is not wasted: “If you spend fifteen minutes planning your day on paper every morning, you will add 20 percent to your productivity.”
Ramsey,  Dave (2011-09-20). EntreLeadership (p. 49).  Simon & Schuster, Inc..  Kindle Edition.

What todo method works for you, leave a comment and let me know.

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