I resurrected my cash register program this week.  I had a small business that was in need of such a tool.  The program was originally written in 2005 to be used at a store my wife and I owned.  It worked great and served our needs.  When the store closed, the program was archived and not used, until around 2007 when a small business here in town asked if they could use my program.

Since it was originally written solely for our store many things such as contact info, tax rate, and logos were hard coded into the software.  Due to the short timeline I had when changing it for the new small business, I could only make a few parameters dynamic but not all.  The business used the program, until they merged with another larger business.  That new business already had an electronic solution, so for the second time my program was archived.

Wanting to share my Cash Register with the world, last year I started working on it again.  I fixed the menu’s changed parameters such as tax rate and contact info so they would be dynamic, and built an installer.  The problem I had this time is that I could not find a business to try it.  I knew small business owners, but they were not in retail style businesses.  I thought I had it licked this time, I would finally have my program out there.  I was wrong the program was archived for about 5 months, until last week when a business asked to use my program.

I now have my program out there, the installer worked flawlessly and the company is up and running.  Because it is running in a local business, I am able to support and fix issues as required.  I have already found and fixed 2 bugs that were not found in my original testing.  In addition, I am able to test the new features that I want to add.

I will have a new install package built by soon for download here on my site.  My plan is to offer the software free of charge until it is out of the beta stage.  At that point in time, my licensing will be re-evaluated and a final decision made on which licensing schema I will go with.  If you are interested in using my software prior to it being posted, contact me.

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