Well I have been wrestling with all the options out there for mailing lists and RSS feeds. Should I setup my mailing list subscription form using feedburner, Mailchimp, or Google docs. My first setup was based on Mailchimp, but when investigating some features, I found out that feedburner will do RSS to email. The problem is that is the only overlap feedburner has with Mailchimp. If you want to have the capability to send out newletters the content would have to be in your RSS feed. I found that sometimes you may want to publish information to your list subscribers only. Using Google Docs you can build a form and collect names and email addresses, this is great except you can’t email easily based on that list.

Needless to say, I concluded stick with Mailchimp! This is what lead to my title Pick one and Stick with it, as they were my first choice. I am not sure why I let myself get led on this goose chase.

What are you favorite subscription methods? Leave me a comment on your thoughts.

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