I am convinced that Apple products have some type of Addictive Drug in them.  I am trying to pick up an Iphone on Ebay for development and testing purposes, I am shocked by the prices!  I am finding Ipod touches selling for over 110bux when you can buy them new for 189 and refurbed for 169.  Iphones are selling for a minimum of 100dollars if they are the old version and have some type of defect.  They are selling for as high as 400 dollars if they are iphone 4 and white.  This is just shocking to me!

What I am really trying to find is one for under 50dollars shipped!  I suppose I am too cheap, but unfortunately I have not bought into the hype!  Although when you consider that the Apple list price is over 600bux, it is a steal though.  The problem I have is how can the ipod touch be 189?  I think this goes to show how much of a subsidy that providers like At&T are giving and how unfavorable to the consumer that model is.  I would much rather as a consumer to have the phones be sold at true market value and let me pick my provider VS the current model of buying from a provider with a subsidy.  If our market in the US functioned like this I believe you could buy new Iphones for around 200bux and used for considerably less.

Moral of the story, I wish I had 10% of the marketing Genius that Apple had!  What do you think, are you an apple follower?  If so tell me why you are loyal Apple consumer and why?

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