I just wanted to make a quick post, it has been a full week and I am still at zero. I think the one thing I have noticed is that I still find myself going and checking my box scanning the emails. Once I realize there are none there, I usually sit for a few minutes thinking what do I do now? It is amazing, I think having the emails there although they have been read still consume large amounts of time just re-scanning. It is almost like you think you missed something. Phase two of this exercise, figure out how to be productive during this new found time.

All in all, I am very impressed with myself for maintaining the discipline to keep my inbox at this state. Have you ever tried to form a new habit or behavior? Were you able to sustain your new behavior, leave a comment and let me know.

Inbox Management Resources:  Andy Traub  is working on an inbox management product. Follow this link to take his become a gmail ninja survey. Also by Andy Traub  is this gmail tutorial. I thought I was a gmail expert, until I watched this video. Andy uncovers and shows you tips that most people don’t know exist.

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