I just bought an Apple Ipod Nano Gen 3 that was “broken”.  Prior to purchase I researched the symptoms online and was 80% confident I could fix it.  I won the auction for 10 dollars including the shipping.  I just unpacked the Ipod and Voila a working Ipod!

The issue was that the Ipod was frozen and needed a reset.  In my reading online I found numerous people who were able to fix this condition by running the battery to zero and then doing a factory restore.  The beauty was that since it took 4 days to arrive the battery was already at zero, all I had to do was plug in and restore!  Now my daughter can be upgraded from her 4GB nano with a bent back and scratched screen to an 8GB nano with unscratched screen and in near mint condition. 

How did I do this you ask?  Well, I have alerts on Ebay when auctions for Ipods are about to end and the bid is under 5 dollars.  I get very few alerts as usually there is some fool out there who bids these up, but in this case persistence and patience paid off!

What is your best Ebay buy?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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