Well I spent most of the night setting up my Google account.  What an insane setup it was!  Not any longer!

My original setup:

Google Apps, tied to one account with some of my domains linked to analytics and webmaster tools through this same account.

Google webmaster tools tied to my Godaddy Account and some of my domains linked to it.

Google Webmaster tools on my personal Gmail account and all of my domains setup via this one.

My new setup:

All of my domains linked to my Google apps account, with the same domains tied to Webmaster tools and Analytics.  Some much cleaner all domains in one location and amazingly all the inter Google links function like they are supposed to.

Some may ask, how/why did you set the accounts up the original way?  Well to be quite frank, when I setup the original accounts I had 2 things working against me.  Number one was lack of experience of what tools were on the market so I was learning and finding new tools all the time.  Keep in mind this is over a period of 6years as I have done development for people.  The second thing was, I never thought I would own/host more than one domain, currently I am up to 10 and counting.  I bought my first domain name around 10years ago and until a few years ago never had more than one hosted at a time.  This exercise was long over due, I am glad I spent the time working on it.

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