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Faux Beignets

Do you love beignets the ones like they make in the New Orleans French quarter? I do, but it is always difficult to make them. I have found that there are two aspects the present difficulty, one making and preparing the dough from scratch and the second frying them. Quite frankly, I don’t mind theContinue Reading

Who does Google images say you look like?

I tried a feature of Google images that sounded neat.  To use it you have to go to the Google images search bar and click on the camera icon.  You can then upload an image or give it a URL and search images similar to it.   My first search Google said my image wasContinue Reading

Life is better on Charcoal

For the first time in years, I grilled on charcoal today. What I found is that it was so much better than gas. I think the reason gas was appealing is quick and easy. This is like life nothing is quick and easy. For the first time in years I grilled with charcoal. I thoroughlyContinue Reading

Back At it Again

You may have noticed it has been a couple weeks since my last post. Well I have been very busy the last few weeks. I more or less unplugged from online, intentionally of course. What have I been doing the last few weeks, well here are a few of the things: Started and Finished ‘HowContinue Reading

Hidden features I found in wordpress

I have been putting off adding my social media icons to my nav bar. Today it was on top of my todo list. With some themes this is very easy so I figured it had to be easy to do in Headway 3.0(theme this blog uses) also. I just have never taken the time toContinue Reading

Need more Vanity in your life?

I have created a new vanity url service for Google Plus. The domain is I am thinking this could be a Vanity url more targeted to businesses. I can envision someone saying check us out on As usual anything I do online is an adventure, we will see where this one takes me.Continue Reading

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